Failed on my first post!


My very first post did not explain that this is a 100-day blog about my fears of failure, my failures and my successes. Every day, I’ll try to blog about my fears around failure and hopefully have a weekly post that goes more into depth. Why? As I spoke to more and more people about failure, it sparked people’s interests because of their own struggles with failure.

Not that people want to fail. But in order to succeed, there needs to be comfort in that uncomfortable grey-zone where failure is a real possibility. I’ve found that when I can shine a light on my own fears of failure, I see the edges - the consequences no longer seem far reaching. Instead, the “worst that can happen” is actually fairly contained and can be dealt with if they do happen.

FoF: Creating a blog that people think is just dumb. Huh. Yep. FoBD (Fear of Being Dumb)

Actual Failure: None yet - check out the edits later in the day for real-time screw up report.

Consequences: Well, probably just no one reads this. I suppose I could turn off clients by saying I failed. However, not all therapists are a match for all clients!