I never journaled as a kid...

It’s pretty clear that I’m BAD at blogging. It’s like journaling, but with instant regret. And every time I step up to do it, I surf the web for 90 minutes because I actually fear it. What do I fear? Boooring! And so I easily, easily skip days. Like yesterday. So here’s my today:

FoF (Fear of Failure): 1. Going out with my newborn son and forgetting: Diapers! Wipes! Bottle!

2. exercise: I have this general fear that I’m going to screw it up somehow. And that something isn’t going to get done because I’m out doing something useless like “running.”

3. Launching my practice - I still have a 2 weeks till I see clients in my new office. And I’m scared that the payment system won’t work. That somehow I’ve forgotten key paperwork. And other, more ambiguous things like “generally screwing up.”

Actual failure: I did miss yesterday. And no one died. Whew! Also, I didn’t go out and exercise with my newborn in tow. I get overwhelmed when I’m with him all day because the first 5 hours seem to be nonstop eating, pooping, and burping.