Failure is multi-layered

As promised, my friend sent me a text this morning about his exercise routine. When he sent that, I sent mine back. He said,” 3.1 miles eliptical machine.”

I said,”3.7 mile run.”

He wrote back,”See, you’re already kicking my ass! Good job!”

He meant well. But I’m not competing against him - I’m competing against myself. Not only do I have this ambiguous fear that I’m somehow going to fail at running, but now I fear that I’m not going to be consistent in my running.

Today is also a website working day, where I’m working to integrate my electronic health record with my website so new clients can book a 15 minute phone call with me, and it can automatically be put in an available time slot. As anticipated, there are a LOT of moving parts to getting this to work, and I have to constantly test the functionality by surfing to my website as an anonymous user so I can see what new clients would see. It’s tense, because I’m always skeptical that this stuff can work smoothly. So far, though, it's working as promised.

FoF: (fear of failure)

  1. Regular exercise routine fear.

  2. Fear that I’ll be trapped in technology quicksand, with my website not really working the way I want, and clients not being able to get the help they need, when they need it.

Actual failure:

Exercise: Well, I’ve been exercising every day for the 2 days. So… success! All joking aside, I’m going to use the johnson and johnson 7 minute workout app as a fallback so I can at least elevate my heartrate and improve my core strength.

Website: Well, I’m always afraid that I’m screwing up my website somehow. Thus far, it hasn’t been a disaster, but I probably am messing something up. Newsflash: I’m imperfect. I’m juggling a lot of balls right now trying to get everything up and running for my new business launch.

There are two reasons why I’m so concerned about the business aspects of my therapy practice:

1. My family needs to eat, so I need to make sure I can produce enough provide for them.

2. I’ve seen therapy practices that don’t do their business side very well, and it really can keep people from getting the help they need. Whether it’s simple stuff like calling people back, or getting their online scheduling systems up and running - those broken processes can keep someone who is really struggling from getting the help they need.

Stay tuned for more on this later.