Don Music redux

Don Music, my inner monologue.

I watched my 7 year old practice piano using a phone app. It was challenging. He kept going and going until he reached the edge of his competence. And he never banged his head against the keyboard and said,”I’ll never get it! I’ll never get it!”

Now, as an adult, I have to unlearn the habit of thinking I “am a failure.” Notice the difference between saying I failed and “I am a failure.” The latter sticks with you no matter what success you may have in the future. It dooms you to permanent “dis-ability.” When I started this blog, all kinds of hives came up because I would be talking only about my failures. And when I’m not talking about my failures, I’m talking about my deepest insecurities about how I could possibly fail. Super vulnerable. Yuck.

Back to Don Music. Don’s teeth gnashing is understandable given that he’s on his growth edge. He’s at the boundary between competence and incompetence. And being on that edge is hard, annoying, and frustrating. But without being on that edge, he wouldn’t have learned to go beyond it.