About Michael Kosim

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist of color who loves to help couples and individuals repair their relationships.  I have worked with many issues including gaming, substance abuse, chronic illness, anxiety, depression, and grief & loss. I have training in two evidence-based couples therapies: Gottman Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy.  In addition, I have training in EMDR Trauma therapy, one of three evidence-based trauma therapies approved by the US Department of Defense for treatment of PTSD.

For almost a decade, I was mentored by John Ruark, MD, who was a psychiatrist and Associate Professor at Stanford who specialized in teaching talk therapy. Under him, I learned how I want to “be” in the therapy room.

I am a deeply feeling therapist who has an engineer’s sense that data is important. Data in this case is the behavior and emotion in the room. This means that I am very attentive to what happens in the therapy room and make sure that every person is heard.

I am married and have a blended family with two boys.  In a prior career, I was an electrical engineer and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area.  During my time as a therapist in San Francisco, I spent time helping many clients, including those of color and LGBTQ+ clients find a way to improve their relationships with others.  

I am blessed to be part of the Twin Cities community and hope to accompany the community to a new way of relating to others.  All are welcome here.